ADCC European Championships 2010

ADCC European Championships 2010


Time and Place

October 30-31st 2010 Zagreb, Croatia


Arena: Martinovka, Miramarska BB Zagreb


Hotel International

Miramarska 24 Zagreb 10000, Tel: 0038516108000

Double room: 75€


Reservation password: ADCC

Reservation deadline is 24th October 2010,

after that you might encounter major problems trying to find a hotel room.

Weight classes

-65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg and +99kg


Weight in

Just before first fight in both days.

Rules meeting

October 30th 11.00 am

Competition start

October 30th 12.00 am

Registeration deadline for registration 22th October!

Competition payment

50 €


The doors open half hour before competition. Entrance is 10€ (Kids under 12 years free).


Every weight classes’ winner gets official invitation to ADCC World 2011

Every weight classes’ three best fighters get medals.

Organized by: ADCC Europe / ADCC Croatia

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ADCC European trials 2009 pressrelease

ADCC European Trials 2009

Press release

Time and Place:

January 3rd 2009 Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden.





Scandic Hotel Alvik

Single room: 720 skr

Double room: 820 skr

Tel: +46 (0)8 517 661 00 




Reservation password: adcc

Reservation deadline is 2 December 2008, after that you might encounter major problems trying to find a hotel room.

Competition payment:

500skr / 50 € to be paid at weight in.

Weight in:

Weight in 2nd of January. 6-8 pm

Place HILTI BJJ Academy.

Additional weight in 3 rd of January 8 am

Place Fryshuset Arena

Rules meeting:

3rd of January 9am

Competition start:

10 am


The doors open half hour before competition.

Entrance is 100skr/ 10€. (Kids under 12 years free)


Every weight classes’ winner gets official invitation to ADCC World 2009.

Every weight classes’ three best fighters get medals.

Competitors now ready.

1.   Trials 2007 Champions

2.   European Championships

3.   German Nationals Champion

4.   Finland Nationals Champion

5.   U.K Nationals Champion

6.   Spain Nationals Champion

7.   Poland Nationals Champion

8.   Holland Nationals Champion

9.   Belgium Nationals Champion

10. France Nationals Champion

11. Greece Nationals Champion

12. Sweden Nationals Champion

13. Denmark Nationals Champion

14. Italy Nationals Champion

15. Israel Nationals Champion

16. Switzerland Nationals Champion

17. Serbia Nationals Champion

18. Croatia Nationals Champion

19. Portugal Nationals Champion

20. Norway Nationals Champion

21. SHOOTO European Champions

22-32. By invitation “FREE CARD”


1. Nicolas Renier. France 

2. Greger Forsell. Finland

3. Frank Stäblein. Germany

4. Akseli Kiiski. Finland

5. Luke Cole. U.K

6. Jedrzej Loska. Poland




1. Ville Manninen. Finland

2. Mariusz Szczerek. Poland

3. Marc Becker. Germany

4. Tom Niinimäki. Finland

5. Jon Reeve. U.K

6. Maciej Kowalski. Poland




1. Marko Helen. Finland

2. Michal Materla. Poland

3. Nicolas Penzer. Germany

4. Sauli Heilimö. Finland

5. James Zikic. U.K

6. Zbigniew Tyszka. Poland




1. Radek Turek. Poland

2. Kari Peltola. Finland

3. Sascha Ernst. Germany

4. Vesa Vuori. Finland

5. Andy Costello. U.K

6. Daniel Dowda. Poland




1. Karol Bedorf. Poland

2. Prezemyslw Biskup. Poland

3. Thorsten Klein. Germany

4. Marko Patteri. Finland

5. U.K

6. Tomasz Szczerek. Poland



Women’s categories


1. Caoimhe McGill. U.K

2. Anny Hammarsten. Sweden

3. Verena Sehring. Germany

4. Marina Wekström. Finland

5. Yaz Capel. U.K

6. Poland




1. Merloes Coenen. Holland

2. Karolina Zawodnik. Poland

3. Sandra Kunz. Germany

4. Päivi Levonen. Finland

5. Rachel Wheatley. U.K

6. Karolina Zawodnik. Poland




I will enter your request in the competition. The final decision to who will invite by FREE CARD ADCC European Trials 2009 is made in the 2nd week in December 2008.

To promote your chances of selection please send clear DVD footage of your fights and your fighting records to:

Marko Leistén

Martinkatu 3 A 2

20810 TURKU 


Cell: +358 44 5209 118

Send your name, age, fight record, school, nationality and style by e-mail to Marko Leistén. Subject: registration ADCC European Trials.

The deadline of registration is December 12th 2008. 

ADCC selects 32 male and 16 female competitors to each weight class and two reserved competitors.

Fighters who are selected to compete get information on December 14th 2008 by e-mail.

Organized by: ADCC Europe/ ADCC Sweden


Danske mesterskaber 2008

Danske mesterskaber 2008


Beginners 2008


Male -66.0 kg


1. Alex Holmes MMA-CPH/CheckMat

2. Anders Klein Shootfighting CPH

3. Mikkel Thomsen


Male -77.0 kg


1. John Kohls

2. Martin Lundberg

3. Damoun Nassehi MMA-CPH/CheckMat


Male -88.0 kg


1. Christian Gozzi Frontier MMA/CheckMat

2. Allan Neuherr Butchers Lab Weng Chun


Male -99.0 kg


1. Magnus Nielsen MMA-CPH/CheckMat


Male Open Class


1. John Kohls

2. Allan Neuherr Butchers Lab Weng Chun

3. Damoun Nassehi MMA-CPH/CheckMat




Female +55,0 kg


1. Maria Hougaard


Male -66.0 kg


1. Theo Ginman MMA-CPH/CheckMat

2. Mikkel Thomsen


Male -77.0 kg


1. Frodi Hansen Shootfighting CPH

2. David Rosmon

3. Jeppe Fausing MMA-CPH/CheckMat


Male -88.0 kg


1. Alexander Trans Mascarrenhas Team

2. Joachim Christensen MMA-CPH/CheckMat

3. Lasse Blaabjerg


Male -99.0 kg


1. Steffen Lynge SFA


Male +99.0 kg


1. Christian Colombo

2. Nick Barnø MMA-CPH/CheckMat


Open Class


1. Cole Lauritsen Frontier /CheckMat

2. Claus Gosham MMA-CPH/CheckMat

3. Christoffer Volf

ADCC Danish championship

Det første danske mesterskab i ADCC.

Vinderne af hver vægtklasse får en plads til European Trials i Stockholm til Januar.


Lørdag d. 29 november 2008

kl 09:30

Sidste tilmelding:

Onsdag 26 november kl 23:59

Indvejning og registrering

Fredag d. 28 november 2008

kl 15:00-19:30 i MMA-CPHs lokaler.

Griffenfeldsgade 7 a

2200 København N.

Indvejning og registrering 09:30-11:30, Hillerød

Kampstart kl 12:00

Der kan forekomme ændringer i programmet 



Milnersvej 39

3400 Hillerød

Deltagere 200 dkr for ADCC klub medlemmer, 500 dkr for deltager som ikke kommer fra en ADCC klub

Tilskuere 50 dkr

Max 2 coaches pr klub